As you read this, a pre-teen or teen, in the United States has committed suicide. Teen suicide in the LGBT community has gained immense popularity on a larger social scale then ever before. While the interest in this social dilemma is thrust into the spotlight none have ever before addressed this social issue in such a manner as Kim Rocco Shields newest screenplay. Love Is All You Need? thrusts its audience into another dimension of existence that does more than just acknowledge there is a serious social problem affecting the gay community and does more than just talk about the issue. In Love Is All You Need? its audience lives the issue.

Love is all you need? tells the story of Jude Klein, a high school student in Marion, Indiana. In this dramatic, heartfelt, and provocative feature, Jude must face the harrowing fact that she is gay in a straight world. How can Jude live in a world where she can’t love?

The short film version of Love has already generated over 3,000 followers, supporters and fans since it’s conception in November of 2010- all without anyone ever seeing the short film. This unyielding and unwavering following based on a concept , which supports not only the cause to end bullying, but also Kim Rocco Shields unique vision, shows the potential popularity for this feature. This following continues to gain rapid momentum and support in both straight and gay communities.

While there are films being made which highlight social issues within the LGBT community, there are none as of yet that forces its audiences to walk a mile in their shoes. Love is all you need? will undoubtedly cause some uneasiness to its viewers but that is exactly how the LGBT community feels in a society that voices it’s opinion that homosexual love is subhuman and wrong. It is because of this misunderstanding and a lack of education that teenagers in the United States as young as ten years old take their lives before they can ever love, they choose to die over living in a world where they are not free to love. How can loving be wrong if it’s a way to live? How would you live if you couldn’t love?